Case Study: West San Jose Home Transformation (Before & After)

Case Study: West San Jose Home Transformation (Before & After)

The Amy McCafferty Team recently had the pleasure of working on 687 Brentwood Drive, a special property located in West San Jose's highly sought-after Strawberry Park neighborhood. Cherished and occupied for over 60 years, the home retained its original condition. 

We saw the home’s potential and offered a set of cost-effective yet highly impactful recommendations to the homeowners to modernize and brighten the space. Our goal was to present the home in its best possible light and make it attractive to today’s buyer pool. 

With the homeowners needing to sell the property by the end of 2023, our team embraced the challenge of working within a tight timeline. We gathered bids from trusted vendors and meticulously planned a property preparation calendar. Our ongoing relationship with vendors allowed us to secure preferential pricing for the homeowners. With the sellers’ enthusiastic approval, our team got to work. 


Our journey began by strategically clearing the home of unwanted items, old furniture, and dated fixtures. This often difficult task was efficiently managed with the help of a professional hauler, clearing the way for the next phase of transformation.


With the home cleared, our skilled team applied a fresh coat of paint to both the interior and exterior, focusing on finer details like interior doors and kitchen and bath cabinets. The impact of a new paint job is truly remarkable, it’s a cost-effective way of breathing new life into a property. 


Understanding the pivotal role flooring plays, we removed and replaced the worn-out carpet and outdated vinyl. Special attention was dedicated to refinishing the original hardwood floors, preserving their timeless charm.


With a dedicated focus on creating a captivating first impression, we set out to transform the exterior. The process involved replacing dead grass with fresh sod, trimming overgrown bushes and trees, and addressing the faded paint job. To infuse a modern touch, we upgraded the exterior lighting fixtures, painted the front door, and installed contemporary house numbers. In the backyard, we removed a dated awning and introduced a layer of fresh mulch. The impact of these changes was truly transformative!

Finishing Touches

In the final stage of our project, our team attended to finishing touches. This involved removing an old window A/C unit, replacing a broken window in one of the bedrooms, and properly installing smoke and CO2 detectors. With these improvements completed, we took care of one last haul, thoroughly cleaned the property, and beautifully staged the home. Happy with the final product, we launched the listing! 


After a successful broker tour and a busy weekend of open houses, we received 3 competitive offers over list price. Within a tight 2 month turnaround, we transformed and successfully sold the property for $275,000 over the listed price. Our meticulous property preparation played a crucial role, the home didn’t stay on the market for long! The sellers were thrilled that we not only negotiated and achieved their desired price within their required timeframe, but also enhanced the property and maximized ROI by keeping the project under budget.  

If you're looking to sell your home, don't hesitate to contact the Amy McCafferty Team. We'll work with you to prepare your property for the market and help you achieve a successful sale. 

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